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Git Question

Git alias with positional parameters

Basically I'm trying to alias:

git files 9fa3 execute the command:

git diff --name-status 9fa3^ 9fa3

but git doesn't appear to pass positional parameters to the alias command. I have tried:

files = "!git diff --name-status $1^ $1"
files = "!git diff --name-status {1}^ {1}"

...and a few others but those didn't work.

The degenerate case would be:

$ git echo_reverse_these_params a b c d e
e d c b a can I make this work?

Answer Source

The most obvious way is to use a shell function:

    files = "!f() { git diff --name-status "$1^" "$1"; }; f"

An alias without ! is treated as a Git command; e.g. commit-all = commit -a.

With the !, it's run as its own command in the shell, letting you use stronger magic like this.

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