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`Cannot instantiate non-constructior` Closure Compiler warning?

Dear folks, what should I do with these error warnings that Closure Compiler outputs?
Thank you very much for your ideas and code improtements on this particular type of error:

  1. JSC_WRONG_ARGUMENT_COUNT: Function parseInt: called with 1 argument(s). Function requires at least 2 argument(s) and no more than 2 argument(s). at line 593 character 12

    if (parseInt(jQuery.browser.version) < 7) {

  2. JSC_NOT_A_CONSTRUCTOR: cannot instantiate non-constructor at line 708 character 15

    lightbox = new Lightbox(this, opts.lightbox);

  3. JSC_NOT_A_CONSTRUCTOR: cannot instantiate non-constructor at line 1265 character 19

    var scroller = new Scroller($(this), opts);

Answer Source

Number 1:
This warning means that you passed-in the wrong number of arguments in a function call.

Here is a better explanation

Number 2 & 3:
The compiler expects all constructors to be marked with the JSDoc tag @constructor, like this:

 * @constructor
function MyClass() { = 'bar';
var obj = new MyClass();

Here is a better explanation.

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