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Which is new method to set value for text field

I use:


But when it executes I get a warning:

*** You are calling a method named set at C:/login_page.rb:12:in `specify_email'.
*** This method does not exist in page-object so it is being passed to the driver.
*** This feature will be removed in the near future.

How to specify a new variant with


self.txtLogin_element.when_present = email

do not work.

Answer Source

Assuming that txtLogin_element is a text field (PageObject::Elements::TextField), there is no set method. The Page-Object gem sets text fields via the value= method instead. Therefore, to remove the warning, use:

self.txtLogin_element.when_present.value = email

If you have made the switch to Page-Object v2.0 and therefore Watir v6.0, when_present is no longer needed. Watir now waits for elements to be present before interacting with them. You can now simply do:

self.txtLogin_element.value = email

Which ultimately means that you can just use the methods generated by the accessor:

self.txtLogin = email