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socket descriptor vs file descriptor

read(2) and write(2) works both on socket descriptor as well as on file descriptor. In case of file descriptor, User file descriptor table->file table and finally to inode table where it checks for the file type(regular file/char/block), and reads accordingly. In case of char spl file, it gets the function pointers based on the major number of the file from the char device switch and calls the appropriate read/write routines registered for the device.
Similarly appropriate read/write routine is called for block special file by getting the function pointers from the block device switch.

Could you please let me know what exatly happens when read/write called on socket descriptor. If read/write works on socket descriptor, we cant we use open instead of socket to get the descriptor?

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Socket descriptors are associated with file structures too, but a set of file_operations functions for that structures differs from the usual. Initialization and use of those descriptors are therefore different. Read and write part of kernel-level interface just happened to be exactly equivalent.

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