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How to make git diff ignore comments

I am trying to produce a list of the files that were changed in a specific commit. The problem is, that every file has the version number in a comment at the top of the file - and since this commit introduces a new version, that means that every file has changed.

I don't care about the changed comments, so I would like to have git diff ignore all lines that match

, as these are all comments (part of /* */).

I cannot find any way to tell git diff to ignore specific lines.

I have already tried setting a textconv attribute to cause git to pass the files to sed before diffing them, so that sed can strip out the offending lines - the problem with this, is that git diff --name-status does not actually diff the files, just compares the hashes, and of course all the hashes have changed.

Is there any way to do this?

Answer Source
git diff -G <regex>

And specify a regex that does NOT match your version number line.

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