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How to print all key and values from HashMap in Android?

I am very new for Android development, and I am trying to use HashMap in Android sample project. Now, am doing sample project for learn android. I just store keys and values in HashMap, i want to show the keys and their values in EditView. I followed below code in my sample project. But, first key and value only printing in EditView.

Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String,String>();
map.put("iOS", "100");
map.put("Android", "101");
map.put("Java", "102");
map.put(".Net", "103");

Set keys = map.keySet();

for (Iterator i = keys.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {
String key = (String);
String value = (String) map.get(key);
textview.setText(key + " = " + value);

In EditView
iOS = 100
is only printing. I want to print all keys and their value in EditText. Can anyone please tell me where i am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

First, there are errors in your code, ie. you are missing a semicolumn and a closing parenthesis in the for loop.

Then, if you are trying to append values to the view, you should use textview.appendText(), instead of .setText().

There's a similar question here: how to change text in android TextView

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