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C++ Question

compiling a program to run in DOS mode

I write a simple program, to run in DOS mode. Everything works under emulated console in Win XP / Vista / Seven, but not in DOS. The error says:

this program caonnot be run in DOS mode
. I wonder is that a problem with compiler flags or something bigger.

For programming i use Code::Blocks v 8.02 with such settings for compilation:

-Wall -W -pedantic -pedantic-errors

in Project \ Build options \ Compiler settings

I've tried a clean DOS mode, booting from cd, and also setting up DOS in Virtual Machine. The same error appears.

Should i turn on some more compiler flags ? Some specific 386 / 486 optimizations ?


Ok, i've downloaded, installed and configured DJGPP. Even resolved some problems with libs and includes. Still have two questions.

1) i can't compile a code, which calls
, i've double checked the includes, as MSDN says it needs
, but still error says:
_strdate was not declared in this scope
, i even tried to add std::_strdate, but then i have 4, not 2 errors sazing the same

2) the 2nd code is about
, it looks like that:

#include <windows.h>

void gotoxy(int x, int y)
COORD position;
position.X = x; position.Y = y;
SetConsoleCursorPosition(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), position);

error says there is no windows.h, so i've put it in place, but then there are many more errors saying some is missing from windows.h, I SUPPOSE it won't work because this functions is strictly for windows right ? is there any way to write similar
for DOS ?


1) solved using
instead of
here's the code

time_t rawtime;
struct tm * timeinfo;
char buffer [20];

time ( &rawtime );
timeinfo = localtime ( &rawtime );

strftime (buffer,80,"%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S\0",timeinfo);
string myTime(buffer);

It now compiles under DJGPP.


Still need to solve a code using
- replaced it with some other code that compiles (under DJGPP).

Thank You all for help. Just learnt some new things about compiling (flags, old IDE's like DJGPP, OpenWatcom) and refreshed memories setting DOS to work :--)

Answer Source

From the sound of things, you're currently compiling a Windows console program. Even though it's a console program, it still needs Windows to run.

To compile a program to run on real DOS, you'll need to find a (probably really old) compiler and (especially) linker that targets DOS and can produce DOS MZ executables. The last Microsoft compiler to target MS-DOS was VC++ 1.52c. If memory serves, Borland continued to target DOS somewhat later, up through something like Broland C++ 5 or so.

I believe if you check the Digital Mars web site, he may still have a C++ compiler available that targets DOS. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck looking for something used and quite old.

Edit: looking at other answers reminded me of DJGPP and OpenWatcom. My apologies for not mentioning them previously.

Be aware that from a C++ viewpoint, Borland and Microsoft are really old compilers -- they don't do namespaces at all, and template support varies from nonexistent in the Microsoft compiler to mediocre in Borland's. DJGPP is basically a DOS extender to which gcc has been ported; the degree to which it's out of date (or modern) will depend on which version of gcc is involved. The Digital Mars compiler is somewhat more modern than the Borland one if I'm not mistaken, but Walter Bright now spends most of his time working on D instead of C++, so the C++ compiler doesn't really compete with gcc, or MSVC, not to mention something like Comeau or Intel that's based on the EDG front-end.

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