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Can't change users within system() in php

My command is

echo root_password | sudo -u root -S executable_full_path arguments

The error message I get in the browser is

[sudo] password for www-data: Sorry,
try again.

From phpinfo(), safe mode is off and there are no disabled functions. Why isn't this working? The same command runs fine in the shell (bash). Escapeshellarg and escapeshellcmd don't make a difference.

EDIT: Simply being able to execute the command is not enough. The program that gets executed creates a socket in /tmp, and needs to assign it permissions. So I think I really need to be root for this, is that possible?

Answer Source

As Álvaro suggested, I'm putting my comment as answer. Matt, this would make it possible to run that command as root.

@Matt, don't do that /etc/sudoers (btw, you edit this file with the visudo command, never directly). That way you are making possible that any sudo whatever command run by your web application is run by root, possibiliting a lot of fun for an attacker if he founds a vulnerability in your application.

If you would like to run just ONE command as root without need for passwords, put this in /etc/sudoers (remember visudo command):

www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: executable_full_path

Then you are only allowing to execute just this command as root. Now you should be able to do

sudo -u root executable_full_path arguments

without need to type in a password (and it will run as root). Also, this is the only command the user www-data may execute as root using sudo, so it should not be dangerous.

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