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Whither dispatch_once in Swift 3?

Okay, so I found out about the new Swifty Dispatch API in Xcode 8. I'm having fun using

, and I've been browsing around the
module in Xcode to find all the new APIs.

But I also use
to make sure that things like singleton creation and one-time setup don't get executed more than once (even in a multithreaded environment)... and
is nowhere to be found in the new Dispatch module?

static var token: dispatch_once_t = 0
func whatDoYouHear() {
print("All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.")
dispatch_once(&token) {
print("Except this part.")

Answer Source

Since Swift 1.x, Swift has been using dispatch_once behind the scenes to perform thread-safe lazy initialization of global variables and static properties.

So the static var above was already using dispatch_once, which makes it sort of weird (and possibly problematic to use it again as a token for another dispatch_once. In fact there's really no safe way to use dispatch_once without this kind of recursion, so they got rid of it. Instead, just use the language features built on it:

// global constant: SomeClass initializer gets called lazily, only on first use
let foo = SomeClass()

// global var, same thing happens here
// even though the "initializer" is an immediately invoked closure
var bar: SomeClass = {
    let b = SomeClass()
    b.someProperty = "whatever"
    return b

// ditto for static properties in classes/structures/enums
class MyClass {
    static let singleton = MyClass()
    init() {

So that's all great if you've been using dispatch_once for one-time initialization that results in some value -- you can just make that value the global variable or static property you're initializing.

But what if you're using dispatch_once to do work that doesn't necessarily have a result? You can still do that with a global variable or static property: just make that variable's type Void:

let justAOneTimeThing: () = {
    print("Not coming back here.")

And if accessing a global variable or static property to perform one-time work just doesn't feel right to you -- say, you want your clients to call an "initialize me" function before they work with your library -- just wrap that access in a function:

func doTheOneTimeThing() {

See the migration guide for more.

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