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PHP Question

Stupid idea: Mac speech from PHP server?

I want to synthesize Mac OS X speech, but I'm using a PC. Can I set up a PHP server on my Macbook at home, and have it synthesize text for me, and return it to me through a web request?


What secret PHP codes will unlock this possibility?
I know I can synthesize speech on the command line with
say -o "output.aiff" -f "input.txt"
but I need help with the connective tissue here.

And no - I do not want links to Cepstral or AT&T's online speech synthesizer, because I want to use special Mac speech synthesis syntax.

Answer Source
    file_put_contents('input.txt', $_GET['t']);
    exec('say -o output.aiff -f input.txt');
    header("Content-Type: audio/x-aiff");
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