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MS Chart connecting all datapoints without lines crossing

I have datapoints in a MS chart and I would like to connect all these datapoints with lines, where none of the lines cross each other. Each datapoint will be connected to 2 other datapoints.

The plot should look like a closed loop, it is very important that there will be no lines that cross on top of another.

Is there an easy way to achieve this?

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OK, I misspoke: It actually is not that hard, that is unless one wants more restrictions than what you gave. Here is a method that ought to work:

  • Let's start with a list of points
  • From it we create a List<Tuple<PointF, float, float>>
  • now we find the minimum and maximum x and y values and from these the center point c
  • Next we fill each Tuples' two floats by calculating the angel and the distance between each point and the center c
  • Then we order by angle and then by distance
  • Now we can traverse the list and create DataPoints from it we add to our Series.
  • Finally we add the first one again at the end.

This ought to work without any crossings but I believe some results will look uglier than what a hand-crafted solution would be. In fact most examples will look like an explosion ;-)

Here is an example with 100 random points.

enter image description here

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