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AsyncTaskLoader basic example. (Android)

I am using a Loader in my application and based on the result I get from the query I perform on COntacts using this Loader I perform some calculations and store them back in a Sqlite DB. I want this operation to be Asynchronous, however I am confused between using an Async task, as I have lot of different data types to return or should I use a simple handler or an AsyncTaskLoader, I want it to be simple as I am new to Loaders. I tried to search around for examples of AsyncTaskLoader but it seems rocket science, a basic and simple functional example of any of the three in the context of my scenario would be a lot helpful.

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Since Honeycomb and the v4 Compatibility Library it is possible to use AsyncTaskLoader. From what I understand, the AsyncTaskLoader can survive through config changes like screen flips. But using AsyncTask you can mess up with configuration changes.

Key information: AsyncTaskLoader is subclass of Loader. This class performs the same function as the AsyncTask, but a bit better, it can also be useful in handling configuration changes (screen orientation).

A very good example and explanation is given here.

Google has a pretty good example directly in the API Docs. Android Design Patterns provides some more detail and the reasoning behind Loaders.

This tutorial will definetly help You.

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