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Java Question

How can FileInputStream.read change my byte array?

In the program I am writing for homework I have a

which I am reading bytes from into an array using the
method of the stream. I am not using the return value at all in my program, as I'm not interested in it.

However, I'm wondering how is it actually modifying my array? I read through many stackoverflow posts lasts night that indicated that Java is pass by value, not by reference, and I even proved it myself with a simple program.

How does this method modify my byte array?

try {
input = new FileInputStream(FileName);
bytes = new byte[input.available()];
input.read(bytes); // reads file in as bytes and stores into bytes

}catch(IOException e)


Java passes the reference to the byte array to the read method by value. This means that the read method cannot make your local variable bytes point to a different byte array, but it can change the contents of the byte array that you passed into it.

(If Java were "pass by reference", then a method could make your local variable point to a different object - which is not possible in Java)