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Implement for all classes BsonIgnoreExtraElements

I'm using mongDb with MongoDrive, I wonder how I can implement to all my classes the [BsonIgnoreExtraElements].

I know there is a way through the ConventionProfile, but I do not know how to implement it.

Answer Source

Use the SetIgnoreExtraElementsConvention method (from the Conventions section of the C# Driver Serialization Tutorial):

var myConventions = new ConventionProfile();
myConventions.SetIgnoreExtraElementsConvention(new AlwaysIgnoreExtraElementsConvention()));
BsonClassMap.RegisterConventions(myConventions, (type) => true);

The parameter (type) => true is a predicate depending on the class type, that determines whether to apply the convention. So per your requirement it should simply return true regardless; but you could use this to set/exclude the convention on given types if you wanted.


Per Evereq's comment, the above is obsolete. Now use:

var conventionPack = new ConventionPack { new IgnoreExtraElementsConvention(true) };
ConventionRegistry.Register("IgnoreExtraElements", conventionPack, type => true);
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