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Python Question

Create new column in pandas based on value of another column

I have some dataset about genders of various individuals. Say, the dataset looks like this:

Male and Female
Male and Female

Some identify themselves as Male, some female and some identify themselves as both male and female.

Now, what I want to do is create a new column in Pandas which maps

Males to 1,
Females to 2,
Others to 3

I wrote some code

def gender(x):
if x.str.contains("Male")
return 1
elif x.str.contains("Female")
return 2
elif return 3

df["Gender Values"] = df["Gender"].apply(gender)

But I was getting errors that function doesn't contain any attribute contains. I tried removing str:


and I was getting same error

Is there a better way to do this?

Answer Source

You can use:

def gender(x):
    if "Female" in x and "Male" in x:
        return 3
    elif "Male" in x:
        return 1
    elif "Female" in x:
        return 2
    else: return 4

df["Gender Values"] = df["Gender"].apply(gender)

print (df)
            Gender  Gender Values
0             Male              1
1           Female              2
2  Male and Female              3
3             Male              1
4             Male              1
5           Female              2
6            Trans              4
7          Unknown              4
8  Male and Female              3
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