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iOS Question

CloudKit Permissions Failure

I'm getting the following message on running my App:

> "Permission Failure" (10/2007); server
> message = " is not a valid Bundle ID for
> container"; uuid =
> xx; container ID =
> "">

I created an iPhone app and then made another target for an iPad app, and for it to use the same CloudKit container - I've checked the app ID on the developer panel and assigned the container to the new iPad app ID, but for some reason it's still telling me I've a 'Permission Failure'!

How do I get my iPad app to use the same container as the iPhone App?

Answer Source

This probably should be a comment, but I don't have enough reputation to comment, so I am putting it here. I think there is a problem with CloudKit right now - see this thread:

When I search for CloudKit and limit the results to the last 24 hours, the only results that come up are errors...

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