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Android Question

Run certain operations only when the app is first installed

Let us presume that we have a function defined this way:

public class MyClass {
public static void RunFirstTime() {

The very first time I install the app, I want to run
but then any other time I run the app, that function should not run.

Is there a built-in way to do this?

Answer Source

Just use SharedPreferences and store a boolean variable when you are done with first run.

To be more clear, the code should be something like this:

public static void RunFirstTime() {
    SharedPreferences prefs = getPreferences(MODE_PRIVATE);
    boolean firstRun = sPref.getBoolean("firstRun", true);
        //Do something here
        //Save firstRun = false in order to not repeat next time 
        Editor prefEdit = sPref.edit();
        prefEdit.putBoolean("firstRun", false);
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