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thread priority security exception make sure the apk is signed

I am trying to build my project in oculus gear vr using unity5 , but when I deploy my app I get the below error

thread priority security exception make sure the apk is signed

I have even created keystore

enter image description here

any suggestion why I might be facing this error in gear vr

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I figure out the answer , to run apps in gear vr , you must have signature file for used device by get device id & use site below


after you get the file , you should put inside your project in this directory

YourProjectName --- > assets --> Plugins ---> android ---> assets

(notice if you don't find this directory make sure your build platform android , from build setting -- > switch platform)

then what you if you get this error

why this error happen ??

when I work in project I copy signature file with its meta file

so to fix error , just copy signature file without its meta file

hope this be helpful & sorry for my bad English


how you can get device id ?

there many ways to approach that but best way to write in terminal

adb devices

You should see a list of attached devices like this:

List of devices attached
    ce0551e7 device

enter image description here

or if you are lazy like me use this app its working very well it called SideloadVR DeviceID

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