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How to set up user to control Saved Search Criteria in NetSuite Suitelet SSv2

I am trying to set up a Suitelet to give the user the option of adjusting the criteria of a saved search. I have set up search with ID customsearch_ca_export_detail_search__38 and I would like to be able to control the criteria of this search within the Suitelet. I would prefer to use SSv2 but I am not finding instructions for this in the documentation. How do I do this?


  • Jesse

Answer Source
*@NApiVersion 2.x

require(['N/search'], function(search) {

    function loadSearchAndAddFilter() {

        var searchObj = search.load({
            id: 'customsearch_ca_export_detail_search__38'

        var filters = searchObj.filters;

        var filter = search.createFilter({
            // create new filter here

        searchObj.filters = filters;

        searchObj.run().each(function(result) {
            // access search results here
            return true;

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