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MySQL Question

Does Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS generate any extra round trip to fetch the newly created identifier?

JDBC allows us to fetch the value of a primary key that is automatically generated by the database (e.g.

) using the following syntax:

PreparedStatement ps= connection.prepareStatement(
"INSERT INTO post (title) VALUES (?)",

while (resultSet.next()) {
LOGGER.info("Generated identifier: {}", resultSet.getLong(1));

I'm interested if the Oracle, SQL Server, postgresQL, or MySQL driver uses a separate round trip to fetch the identifier, or there is a single round trip which executes the insert and fetches the

Answer Source

In PostgreSQL with PgJDBC there is no extra round-trip to fetch generated keys.

It sends a Parse/Describe/Bind/Execute message series followed by a Sync, then reads the results including the returned result-set. There's only one client/server round-trip required because the protocol pipelines requests.

However sometimes batches that can otherwise be streamed to the server may be broken up into smaller chunks or run one by on if generated keys are requested. To avoid this, use the String[] array form where you name the columns you want returned and name only columns of fixed-width data types like integer. This only matters for batches, and it's a due to a design problem in PgJDBC.

(I posted a patch to add batch pipelining support in libpq that doesn't have that limitation, it'll do one client/server round trip for arbitrary sized batches with arbitrary-sized results, including returning keys.)

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