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C Question

Codeblocks takes long time to execute after compiling

I am having a strange problem with Code:Blocks. After writing C program i click on Build and run, it compiles in fraction of a second but then a new window opens and after around 12 seconds output appears on the window.
It takes this much time for even basic code like

int main()
return 0;

Here are snapshots of what happens. As I am not allowed to post images{new to forum} I am posting links.

When I click on build and run, this window appears in no time

enter image description here

Then after around 10-12 seconds, this window appears. As you can see it says that execution time took 11 seconds.

enter image description here

Any idea why this is happening? How to fix it? I did no tweaks to code:blocks and settings are same as they come by default.

Answer Source

The problem was with antivirus. Whitlisting gcc,g++ and codeblocks solved the problem.

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