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Linux Question

Creating a full directory tree at once

I'm like a create a complex directory structure in a bash script and was under the impression the the following would work:

mkdir -p tmpdir/{trunk/sources/{includes,docs},branches,tags}

Which would create:

| | |
branches tags trunk
| |
includes docs

However when I run my script I end up with:


Is there a quick and easy way to do this or am I going to have to resort to

mkdir -p tmpdir/trunk/sources/includes
mkdir -p tmpdir/trunk/sources/docs
mkdir -p tmpdir/branches
mkdir -p tmpdir/tags


Change shebang to


to run the script with bash as it supports brace expansion.

The problem is that you are using shell that does not support it. Your /bin/sh does not point to /bin/bash but to something like /bin/dash.