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AppleScript Question

AppleScript how to get current display resolution?

I'm trying to get the current display resolution of both of my displays depending on where the mouse cursor is.

i.e. when the mouse cursor is on the first display I want to get the resolution of this display.

With a shell script I can get both resolutions:

set screenWidth to (do shell script "system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType | grep Resolution | awk '{print $2}'")

But I don't get which display is currently "active".

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Applescript does not have any access to cursor location, even via System Events. Sorry.

[There are a couple commercial solutions, but I'm guessing they're not worth the trouble in this case? I suppose I could also whip up a quick command-line tool that just returns the current cursor location... worth the trouble?]

p.s. awk is great at finding matching lines:

set screenWidth to (do shell script "system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType | awk '/Resolution/{print $2}'")
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