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CSS to line break before/after a particular `inline-block` item

Let's say I have this HTML:

<li><img src="alphaball.png">Smells Good</li>
<li><img src="alphaball.png">Tastes Great</li>
<li><img src="alphaball.png">Delicious</li>
<li><img src="alphaball.png">Wholesome</li>
<li><img src="alphaball.png">Eats Children</li>
<li><img src="alphaball.png">Yo' Mama</li>

and this CSS:

li { text-align:center; display:inline-block; padding:0.1em 1em }
img { width:64px; display:block; margin:0 auto }

The result can be seen here:

Now imagine that I want to break this into three columns, the equivalent of injecting a
after the third
. (Actually doing that would be semantically and syntactically invalid.)

I know how to select the third
in CSS, but how do I force a line break after it? This does not work:

li:nth-child(4):after { content:"xxx"; display:block }

I also know that this particular case is possible by using
instead of
, but I am not interested in solutions using
. I also know that with fixed-width blocks this is possible by setting the width on the parent
to about 3x that width; I am not interested in this solution. I also know that I could use
if I wanted real columns; I am not interested in this solution. I am interested in the possibility of forcing a break inside inline content.

Edit: To be clear, I am interested in 'theory', not the solution to a particular problem. Can CSS inject a line break in the middle of
elements, or is it impossible?
If you are certain that it is impossible, that is an acceptable answer.

Answer Source

I've been able to make it work on inline LI elements. Unfortunately, it does not work if the LI elements are inline-block:

Live demo:

Or the cliff notes version:

li { 
li:nth-child(3):after { 
     content:"\A"; white-space:pre; 
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