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How to select a JRadioButton from ButtonGroup?

I try to do an image creator program in java (with squares/circles/etc)
I have a few JRadioButtons in a ButtonGroup that symbolizes my program's "mode" (if I draw a circle, something else/if I move the objects).
When I click on different modes, the "mode" changes and I'm able to do what I want.
My problem is when I try to change the mode by double-clicking on an object. I do it in a MouseListener. I'm able to select the object, to change the "mode", but I can't change the selected JRadio Button on my ButtonGroup.
I searched for a while (since the setSelected() is not working). I know that ButtonGroup can have only a button selected at once. How could I deselect the curent one and select the one I need (the first one).
Thank you for any advices.

Answer Source

From the docs:

public void setSelected(boolean b)

Sets the state of the button. Note that this method does not trigger an actionEvent. Call doClick to perform a programatic action change.

As mentioned here use:

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