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Ruby Question

Raise an error on Ruby/Script generate scaffold

Hi guys i am currently still learning Ruby. Anyway i am on chapter 13 on web application development.I am stuck at this part for ruby script/generate Entry tittle:string content:text

Based on my research i have came across this link:
Why does Ruby "script/generate" return "No such file or directory"?

Apparently i used Rails 3. so this is what happened.I located to my directory i run this command
D:\RubyProjects/Part-3/Chapter-13/rails/mydiary> rails generate scaffold Entry title:string content:text

Now i got this error:
Bundler could not find compatible version for gem "bundler
Current Bundler version: 1.13.2
This Gemfile requires a different version of Bundler.

And i also tried to run this as well:
install bundle,
gem install bundle

Can anyone help me on this?

Answer Source

You need to install bundler.

gem install bundler

and than

bundle install

after this you can generate scaffold

also look this

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