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AppleScript Question

Is event in specified date in Apple calendar by AppleScript?

I need to test if in specified day is or is not an event in Apple calendar. In pseudocode I need followings:

// input variables
day_to_test = 23
month_to_test = 8
year_to_test = 2016
testing_date = day_to_test + month_to_test + year_to_test as date

// actual "code"
if testing_date has any event in Apple calendar Then
display dialog "There is any event on that day!"
display dialog "Free of events!"
end if

Answer Source


tell application "Calendar"
    tell calendar "Main" -- national holiday calendar in my iCloud 
        set today to current date
        set today's year to 2013
        set today's month to 3
        set today's day to 5
        set today's time to 0
        copy (today + days) to tomorrow
        set currentEvents to events whose start date ≥ today and end date ≤ tomorrow
    end tell
end tell
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