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App crashing because lateinit App instance not initialized

I am trying to save an Application instance and use in the constructor of databaseHelper, but when my activity tries to instantiate the databaseHelper I get the following exceptions:

main Process: com.weatherupp.weatherupp, PID: 29092
at com.weatherupp.weatherupp.ui.MainActivity.onCreate(MainActivity.kt:27)
Caused by: kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit
property instance has not been initialized

the code leading to the exception is the following:

MainActivity {
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
val provider = ForecastProvider()

ForecastProvider has the following companion object:

companion object {
val SOURCES = listOf(ForecastServer(), ForecastDb())

ForecastDb's constructor refers to an instance of ForecastDbHelper, whose constructor refers to App.instance, declared as follows:

class App : Application() {

companion object {
lateinit var instance: App

override fun onCreate() {
instance = this


If I comment all the code referring to the database, the app works using ForecastServer as the source of data, but the moment I try to refer to the database and hence to the App istance, Kotlin throws the UninitializedPropertyAccessException.

I have been looking at the code for hours, can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Any help is blessed, thank all of you in advance.

Answer Source

Cannot exactly pinpoint why your approach isn't working but I can suggest a fix:

You need a ForecastDb in your MainActivity. Your ForecastDb needs a ForecastDbHelper. Your ForecastDbHelper needs the Application instance.

So in your MainActivity you do:

val helper = ForecastDbHelper(application as App)
val db = ForecastDb(helper)  

and voila, you got your db ready.

This is called dependency injection and gives you more control over creation of the objects 'fetching' their dependencies themselves.

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