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Python Question

How do i convert a Python program to a runnable .exe Windows program?

I am looking for a way to convert a Python Program to a .exe file WITHOUT using py2exe. py2exe says it requries python 2.6, which is outdated. Any way that this is possible so i can distribute my python program without the end-user having to install python.

Answer Source

Understand that every 'freezing' application for Python will not really secure your code in any way. Every packaging system for a stand-alone executable Python 'program' will include a lot of the Python libraries and interpreter, which will make your program pretty large.

That said, PyInstaller has done a nearly flawless job with everything I've thrown at it. Currently it only supports up to Python 2.7 but Pyinstaller's support for a varied set of libraries large and small is unmatched in other 'freeze' type programs for Python.

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