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Increasing fetchLimit and sorting results when using readWithQueryString Azure's call

I need to query some data from my Azure Mobile Service. What I know so far is that I use the MSQuery call I can change the fetchLimit and orderBy but not add the systemProperties in the returned data. When using readWithQueryString I have been able to fetch those systemProperties but not to change the fetch limit nor sort results.
Im guessing you can add some more query-parameters when using readWithQueryString but I havent found any information of how to do such a thing.
Im working on an IOS app using swift in XCode.

This is using a class that allows you fetch the systemProperties I havent been able to add an orderBy and fetchLimit change to the URL:


And this would be using a query class that doesnt allow you to get the systemProperties:

var query = itemTable.query()
query.fetchLimit = 300

Thanks in advanced

Answer Source

After trying so many things I got it to work like this:


I pretty much had to guess since there is not much documentation for this on Azure.

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