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Python Flask send_file StringIO blank files

I'm using python 3.5 and flask 0.10.1 and liking it, but having a bit of trouble with send_file. I ultimately want to process a pandas dataframe (from Form data, which is unused in this example but necessary in the future) and send it to download as a csv (without a temp file). The best way to accomplish this I've seen is to us StringIO.

Here is the code I'm attempting to use:

@app.route('/test_download', methods = ['POST'])
def test_download():
buffer = StringIO()
buffer.write('Just some letters.')
return send_file(buffer, as_attachment = True,\
attachment_filename = 'a_file.txt', mimetype = 'text/csv')

A file downloads with the proper name, however the file is completely blank.

Any ideas? Issues with encoding? Has this been answered elsewhere?

Answer Source

I guess you should write bytes.

from io import BytesIO    

from flask import Flask, send_file

app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/test_download', methods=['POST'])
def test_download():
    # Use BytesIO instead of StringIO here.
    buffer = BytesIO()
    buffer.write(b'jJust some letters.')
    # Or you can encode it to bytes.
    # buffer.write('Just some letters.'.encode('utf-8'))
    return send_file(buffer, as_attachment=True,

if __name__ == '__main__':
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