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Android Question

What are the possible intent types for intent.setType(type)?

I was searching about how to send an email from my app and I came across this topic:

how to send email from my android app

it solves the problem adding a type to his action send:


That works for me too, I can send my email and it's great. I was just wondering what else I can set there.

I know that if i don't set anything it will show the list with all the options available. I want to force the user to share it using whatever option I pick. Can i explore this to force the user to share in whatever way I desire?

Answer Source

I think you aren't supposed to force any kind of behavior when broadcasting a share intent.


This sets the MIME type of your intent. I guess, at best, you would have to know which MIME type the app which you intend to use in order to share your content (ex. Facebook) answers, and assure that that app is the only app that will answer your intent.

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