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Python : find words in string without white space

I'm trying to make a function to look for words in a string without white space : 'Daysaregood' .
i iterate for every letter until i find if the word exists by comparing with list based on already iterated letter, using enchant the module enchant.
and this is what i tried:

import enchant
import time

fulltext =[]
def work(out):

if len(out)>0:

word = ''
wd = ""
# iterate for every Letter
for i in out:
word = word + i
print word
d = enchant.Dict('en_US')
# a list of words to compare to
list = d.suggest(word.title())
print list
#check if word exists
if word.title() in list :
print 'Word found'
wd = word
print 'Word not found'

print '\n'+wd

print '\n fulltext : '
print fulltext


Now for this text the scripts runs like i want, i get a list like this :
['Days', 'are', 'good'].
But when i try something like 'spaceshuttle', the function gets confused with 'space' and steels the 's' in 'shuttle' so i get this :
['spaces', 'hut', 't', 'l', 'e'].
My goal is to take return every word by itself and store them into a list.
Any help is appreciated.

Answer Source

The issue with your task is that the desired output doesn't follow strict rules, per se. If you were to input 'pineapple', would you expect ['pine', 'apple'] or ['pineapple']? It would be rather difficult / impossible to have it predict this.

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