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How to ensure two words stay on the same line?

I am making a person website for myself. In my short bio, I have a few words (or groups of words) that are highlighted. In some of my testing, I have noticed that sometimes two words get split, so the highlighting effect looks like crap.

Here's a picture of what it should look like, and what it looks like if the font changes, respectively:

[Should Look Like]

[Don't want this happening]

Notice how "web developer" get's pushed apart to two lines. Is there any way I can ensure they stay together?

Thanks in advance! -Adam

PS: If you need to see my current code, let me know; don't think that will help much though.

Answer Source

Just apply a non-breaking space in between the 2 words

word1 word2

This is specially useful when it comes to french punctuation and numbers

If you need this on a larger scale then you can use CSS

<div>word 1 word2 word3</div>

div {
    white-space: nowrap;


It's better to make a nowrap class so you can apply it anywhere. For example

<span class="nowrap">No one can wrap us</span>

You would have to use this method if you are trying to make sure text and a svg stay together on the same line, non-breaking space does not work for that, currently

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