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jQuery Question

How to access JSON Object name/value?

function (data) {
//add values based on activity type
//data = JSON.parse(data);


if (activityType == "Phone") {


As you can see this callback function of
data from controller.

For example:

[{"name":"myName" ,"address": "myAddress" }]

In this case my first alert giving me undefined and second/third alert popup comes up with:

[{"name":"myName" ,"address": "myAddress" }]

How can I access value by name so that my first alert filled out with
which is value of

Answer Source

In stead of parsing JSON you can do like followng:

  dataType: 'json' // using json, jquery will make parse for  you

To access a property of your JSON do following:



Why you need data[0] because data is an array, so to its content retrieve you need data[0] (first element), which gives you an object {"name":"myName" ,"address": "myAddress" }.

And to access property of an object rule is:

or sometimes

Object["property"] // in some case

So you need

data[0].name and so on to get what you want.

If you not

set dataType: json then you need to parse them using $.parseJSON() and to retrieve data like above.

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