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Jsoup how to get values from html

So I'm trying to get specific information from this link:

I don't really understand html so this is a bit harder for me.

I'm looking specifically get information from here:

<span class="dark_text">Studios:</span>
<a href="/anime/producer/2/Kyoto_Animation" title="Kyoto Animation">Kyoto Animation</a> </div>

<div class="spaceit">

What I'm trying to do is search for when it says "Studios" and then get the title of the href link (Kyoto Animation).

So for I have managed to get this:

Document doc = Jsoup.connect("").get();

Elements studio ="a[href][title]");
for(Element link : studio){

And it's outputting this:

Pony Canyon
Ponycan USA
Kyoto Animation
Kyoto Animation
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Answer Source

It should be"span:contains(Studios) + a[href][title]");

of I assume that span is common element for list header.

So basicly this selector gets all span elements that contains text Studios and then gets 1 level children a elements having attributes href and title

Just in case, given selector will select only one link and in span More universal could be

*:contains(Studio) > a[title]

and that means - take every a element that has title attribute and is direct children of any (*) element that contains test Studio. Contains takes into account all text from descending children as well. For text of specific element :textOwn is used.

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