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Build hardcoded json string from input parameters

I´m trying to build a hardcoded json string with input parameters in method, but it seems that it doesn´t work. Am I doing wrong here?

public string Test(string name, string age)
string jsonData = @"{
""Name"":""' + name +'"",
""Age"":""' + age + '""

return jsonData;

Normally i would use Json.Net but i wonder if there is a way to do it like this. The reason is that i would only use it only in tests and dont want so spend some hours to create objects or anonymous objects to get this json.

Answer Source

Probably you think this (or @cactuaroid's answer) as correct one. But it is not. Use @LB's answer...

public string Test(string name, string age)
    return $@"{{""Name"":""{name}"" , ""Age"":""{age}""}}";

Just suppose, someone is calling it as var json = Test("abc\"def", "33"); ==> An invalid json...

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