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SQL Question

List all sequences in a Postgres db 8.1 with SQL

I'm converting a db from postgres to mysql.

Since i cannot find a tool that does the trick itself, i'm going to convert all postgres sequences to autoincrement ids in mysql with autoincrement value.

So, how can i list all sequences in a Postgres DB (8.1 version) with information about the table in which it's used, the next value etc with a SQL query?

Be aware that i can't use the

view in the 8.4 release.

Answer Source

The following query gives names of all sequences.

SELECT c.relname FROM pg_class c WHERE c.relkind = 'S';

Typically a sequence is named as ${table}_id_seq. Simple regex pattern matching will give you the table name.

To get last value of a sequence use the following query:

SELECT last_value FROM test_id_seq;
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