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Spring Boot on AWS not starting

I'm trying to deploy a Spring Boot application as described here. However, my Spring Boot app doesn't boot (which, according to the documentation, makes sense, because it needs to run on port 5000). However, when I try to change the port by adding an Env variable (SERVER_PORT=5000), I get the error:

Unable to validate settings: Environment named springBootEb1-env-1 is in an invalid state for this operation. Must be Ready.

So, it seems I'm going in circles. I tried cloning the environment, but now I have two failing environments. How can I fix this?

Answer Source

I'm summarizing the answer given in the back-and-fourth comments:

The issue where AWS prompts a Environment named [NAME] is in an invalid state message, seems to be a bit problematic.

In this question on ServerFault, two suggestions are made:

  1. Clone the enviroment.
  2. Rebuild the enviroment.

In the case of the OP, the second - a rebuild - solved the issue.

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