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Javascript Question

Bootstrap - Centering input text box

I'm trying to center an input box on the center of the page. When you click the button "Prices" It should show a text box right under the button centered. Instead, it's showing all the way to the left.

Here is what I have:

<div class="header-content">
<div class="header-content-inner">

<h1 class="text text-primary vintage-retro sr-intro">IFixIT Repair</h1>
<hr class ="sr-intro">
<p style="font-family:Arial;" class ="text sr-intro">Repairs By Students, For Students</p>
<a href='#repair' class="btn btn-primary btn-xl page-scroll sr-intro btn-margin-head">Schedule Repair</a>

<a href="#repair-prices" class="btn btn-primary btn-xl sr-intro btn-margin-head" data-toggle="collapse">Prices</a>
<div id="repair-prices" class="text-center collapse">
<input class="typeahead form-control" name="search" placeholder="Model of Device (i.e. iPhone 6)">


With this, I get this result after the button click:
The box is all the way to the left.

Any help would be awesome! If you need to see anything else, let me know. Thanks!

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Try using the <center> tag, that may help.