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Pass variable from .html to .php thats too large to fit in URL?

I am trying to pass a very large array from html to php. After converting to a string, it is too large to pass to a php via POST. My overall goal is to save the variable to a server-side file. Any tips for methods? Thanks in advanced.

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When using POST method you are not passing data through URL, that's GET method. If you are passing data through POST and it's too big then you can increase pass through limit with the following flags in .htaccess.

post_max_size - What is the size limit of a post request?

max_input_vars - max_input_vars limited in PHP 5.2.17

upload_max_filesize - How to set upload_max_filesize in .htaccess? (just in case)

Different between POST and GET - What is the difference between POST and GET?

I think that should set you on the right path. Also, keep in mind this should all work locally but if you're using free hosting provider these limits may not be change without contacting support.

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