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python selenium phantomJS new tab not working

I'm using selenium with the PhantomJS webdriver, and I've found that I cannot open a new tab using this webdriver. I'm using the standard line:

driver.find_element_by_tag_name('body').send_keys(Keys.COMMAND + 't')

I use a Mac.

I have also tried this with Firefox and it works.

Any help to get it working with PhantomJS would be appreciated!

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I was having the same issue just now, and I found a way that is, in my opinion, better than attempting to send keys to PhantomJS.

Remember, PhantomJS is a headless browser - no actual window is rendered for your OS to access via keyboard shortcuts.

That being said, every time a new tab/window is opened, it is added to the driver's window handles. Each window handle has a unique identifier.

You can easily just switch to the ID of that window (and back to your original window handler - if you wish to).


# Click a link that opens a new tab ...

# You'll see there's a new window handle!

# Switch to the new window handle in the window_handles list

# Switch back to the original window

Then it's trivial to just check the driver's current_url to ensure you are on the right page, i.e.:

assert "" in driver.current_url

This answer helped me:

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