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How to do I get the output of a shell command executed using into a variable from Jenkinsfile (groovy)?

I have something like this on a Jenkinsfile (Groovy) and I want to record the stdout and the exit code in a variable in order to use the information later.

sh "ls -l"

How can I do this, especially as it seems that you cannot really run any kind of groovy code inside the

Answer Source

The latest version of the pipeline sh step allows you to do the following;

// Git committer email
vars.GIT_COMMIT_EMAIL = sh (
    script: 'git --no-pager show -s --format=\'%ae\'',
    returnStdout: true
echo "Git committer email: ${vars.GIT_COMMIT_EMAIL}"

Another undocumented (for now) feature is the returnStatus option.

// Test commit message for flags
vars.BUILD_FULL = sh (
    script: "git log -1 --pretty=%B | grep '\\[jenkins-full]'",
    returnStatus: true
) == 0
echo "Build full flag: ${vars.BUILD_FULL}"

These options where added based on this issue.

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