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Compiling Python 3.4 is not copying pip

I have compiled Python 3.4 from the sources on Linux Mint, but for some reason it is not copying

to its final compiled folder (after the
make install

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Just sorted it out. Here it is how to compile python from the sources.

$ ./configure --prefix=/home/user/sources/compiled/python3.4_dev --with-ensurepip=install
$ make
$ make install

If you get "Ignoring ensurepip failure: pip 1.5.4 requires SSL/TLS" error:

$ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev openssl 
$ ls
2to3              idle3    pip3.5    python3           python3.5m         pyvenv
2to3-3.5          idle3.5  pydoc3    python3.5         python3.5m-config  pyvenv-3.5
easy_install-3.5  pip3     pydoc3.5  python3.5-config  python3-config

As you can see pip is copied into target folder, the --with-ensurepip=install is important.

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