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Convert String to arraylist using split

Is it possible to convert below String content to an arraylist using split, so that you get something like in point A?

<a class="postlink" href=""><br/>
<a class="postlink" href=""><br/>
<a class="postlink" href=""><br/>

Point A (desired arraylist content):

I am now using below code but it doesn`t bring the desired output. (mirror for instance is being added multiple times etc).

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(string);
Elements links ="a[href]");
for (Element link : links) {
Node previousSibling = link.previousSibling();

while (!(previousSibling.nodeName().equals("u") || previousSibling.nodeName().equals("#text"))) {
previousSibling = previousSibling.previousSibling();

String identifier = previousSibling.toString();

if (identifier.contains("Mirror")) {

Answer Source

Fix your links first. As cricket_007 mentioned, having proper HTML would make this a lot easier.

String html = yourHtml.replaceAll("<br/></a>", "</a>"); // get rid of bad HTML
String[] lines = html.split("<br/>");

for (String str : Arrays.asList(lines)) {
    ... // you can go further here, check if it has a link or not to display your semi-colon;

Now that the errant <br> tags are out of the links, you can split the string on the <br> tags that remain and print out your html result. It's not pretty, but it should work.

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