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C# Question

Viewbag check to see if item exists and write out html and value error

I'm using razor syntax and I want to check to see if certain ViewBag values are set before I spit out the html. If a value is set then I want to write it out. If not I want it to do nothing.

@if (ViewBag.UserExists != null)
{ Response.Write(String.Format("<h3>{0}</h3>", ViewBag.UserExists)); }

This doesn't appear to be working correctly. The code shows up on top of another h2 I have above the code above. I have two register controller methods. One is the get and the other accepts the post. If the user exists I am setting a ViewBag item that needs to be displayed to the user.


Answer Source

Don't use Response.Write. Instead do this:

@if (ViewBag.UserExists != null)
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