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How to get the selected checkboxes IDS in angular 4

I have generated 600 checkboxes

And I want to get all the checked checkboxes IDs, There is any way that I can get the selected checkboxes ids like this format

["id_1", "id_2", "id_3", "id_4",]

This is the data

FinalCategories : any = [

{id:"id_1",name:"category name"},
{id:"id_1",name:"category name"},
{id:"id_1",name:"category name"},
{id:"id_1",name:"category name"},
{id:"id_1",name:"category name"},
{id:"id_1",name:"category name"}
600 ++


Angular 4 HTML component

<div *ngFor="let item of Items" >
<md-checkbox id="{{}}" [checked]="item['checked']" value="{{}}"
(change)="getSelectedCategories()" name="categories_group">
{{ }}

Ok now how to get the checked checkbox IDs OR DOM Elements

In this Format

I want the output to be array [ "id_1", "id_33", "id_750" ]

Answer Source

Your code is really confusing. But I will try.

add in ngInit()>element.checked = false)

and in your html.

<div *ngFor="let finalCategory of FinalCategories | filterArray:subCategory" >
  <md-checkbox [(ngModel)]="finalCategory.checked">

And then you function will do:

   let yourList = [];>{if(item.checked){yourList.push(}})
   return yourList
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