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AngularJS Question

remove $$hashKey from array

$scope.appdata = [{name: '', position: '', email: ''}];

This is the array which I created in angular controller.

Then I inserted some values in to array by using push method:

$scope.appdata.push({name: 'jenson raby', position: '2', email: ''});

This is the array values after insertion:

$$hashKey:"00F",name:"jenson raby",position:"2",email:"",

Here an extra
has been added to the array after insertion, but I need to remove this from array.


Based on your comment that you need to insert the array into the database, I'm going to assume that you are converting it a JSON string and then saving it to the DB. If that's incorrect, let me know and I'll see if I can revise this answer.

You have two options for modifying your array when converting it to JSON. The first is angular.toJson, which is a convenience method that automatically strips out any property names with a leading $$ prior to serializing the array (or object). You would use it like this:

var json = angular.toJson( $scope.appdata );

The other option, which you should use if you need more fine grained control, is the replacer argument to the built-in JSON.stringify function. The replacer function allows you to filter or alter properties before they get serialized to JSON. You'd use it like this to strip $$hashKey:

var json = JSON.stringify( $scope.appdata, function( key, value ) {
    if( key === "$$hashKey" ) {
        return undefined;

    return value;