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Objective-C Question

How to make a Swift String enum available in Objective-C?

I have this enum with

values, which will be used to tell an API method that logs to a server what kind of serverity a message has. I'm using Swift 1.2, so enums can be mapped to Objective-C

@objc enum LogSeverity : String {
case Debug = "DEBUG"
case Info = "INFO"
case Warn = "WARN"
case Error = "ERROR"

I get the error

@objc enum raw type String is not an integer type

I haven't managed to find anywhere which says that only integers can be translated to Objective-C from Swift. Is this the case? If so, does anyone have any best-practice suggestion on how to make something like this available in Objective-C?

Answer Source

From the Xcode 6.3 release notes (emphasis added):

Swift Language Enhancements

Swift enums can now be exported to Objective-C using the @objc attribute. @objc enums must declare an integer raw type, and cannot be generic or use associated values. Because Objective-C enums are not namespaced, enum cases are imported into Objective-C as the concatenation of the enum name and case name.

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