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Angular2 'this' is undefined

I have a code that looks like this:

export class CRListComponent extends ListComponent<CR> implements OnInit {

private router: Router,
private crService: CRService) {

ngOnInit():any {
this.getCount(new Object(), this.crService.getCount);

The ListComponent code is this

export abstract class ListComponent<T extends Listable> {

protected getCount(event: any, countFunction: Function){
let filters = this.parseFilters(event.filters);
count => {
this.totalItems = count;
error => console.log(error)

And the appropriate service code fragment from CRService is this:

getCount(filters) {
var queryParams = JSON.stringify(
c : 'true',
q : filters

return this.createQuery(queryParams)
.map(res => res.json())

Now when my
runs, I get an error: EXCEPTION: TypeError: Cannot read property
'createQuery' of undefined in [null]

TypeError: Cannot read property 'createQuery' of undefined

So basically, the
in the
return this.createQuery(queryParams)
statement will be null. Does anybody have an idea how is this possible?

Answer Source

The problem is located here:

gOnInit():any {
    this.getCount(new Object(), this.crService.getCount); // <----

Since you reference a function outside an object. You could use the bind method on it:

this.getCount(new Object(), this.crService.getCount.bind(this.crService));

or wrap it into an arrow function:

this.getCount(new Object(), (filters) => {
  return this.crService.getCount(filters));

The second approach would be the preferred one since it allows to keep types. See this page for more details:

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